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Top ERP consultant who is known for great record in planning & implementing ERP transformations

For their ERP and corporate IT transformation projects, market leaders rely on Shefi Sherif. Shefi Sherif stands out among independent ERP consultants for completing multiple projects with a flawless track record in transformation planning, ERP selection, and ERP implementation in an industry plagued by unacceptable ERP failure rates.

Enterprise value and return on technology investment are two things that help your manufacturing, distribution, and retail customers achieve as steering them toward the next chapter of their growth. The ultimate goal is to assist customers in establishing a solid organizational framework, business process, and technological basis that will enable them to increase their market share and outrun the competition.


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Why do you need ERP Consulting Services?

As a result of the systematic implementation procedure, numerous manufacturers and distributors have been able to streamline their operations. Shefi Sherif has several years of expertise in the ERP consulting services industry. Shefi Sherif, a business consultant, can help you with solution architecture, system selection, project execution, and continuous improvement as your digital transformation lifecycle partner.

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What Does Shefi Sherif Have to Offer?

Complete Your Organization’s ERP Implementation efficiently

Prospective investigation

Knowing the possibilities is essential for selecting the best system and service provider for your ERP project. It is possible to get a good idea of how much money can be saved and, by extension, how much money can be invested and profited from.

To complete this evaluation, look at the existing setup, the procedures, and your intermediate goals. After that, figure out what’s feasible, whether it’s a brand-new process, a reimagined and automated version of an existing one, or a combination of both. He also checks whether new company initiatives can be automated from the start and if your mid-term goal can be supported. At the end of the process, a rough estimate of how much money could be saved is made and given to management.

Shefi Sherif’s services range from big-picture things like IT strategy and company-wide architecture to more specific things like figuring out what your ERP system can do.

Enterprise Resource Planning System Architecture

Complete knowledge of your company and operations is necessary for designing the optimal architecture, module combination, and tools. Shefi Sherif’s decisions are based on his learning from the prospective analysis. He utilizes that information to choose the ERP modules, third-party applications, new advancements, and other deployed software.

After choosing all systems, Shefi Sherif can draw a diagram of the significant process stages and how they connect in the various modules. In the last phase, you’ll describe how the system will work with your current IT infrastructure and where it will connect to other systems.

Needs Assessment

Creating a clear need definition by holding workshops with your teams and gathering relevant data from existing documents. The main goal is to determine the most critical problems and their importance. Usability, use cases, and individual features are only a few areas covered by the standard.

Lastly, Shefi Sherif puts together a detailed functional specification document that includes the criteria and the business goals so that service partners can bid on your ERP project.

A Look at the Market

Once Shefi Sherif’s team understands client needs, he begins researching suitable implementation partners and solutions. This way, you can compare prices and services from many different sellers.

It’s helpful to collect bids from different sources and compare them to choose a partner that meets your needs (financial, time, specs, and personality).

Soliciting bids or proposals and screening potential suppliers

Then a tender is issued or solicited bids from the systems and providers on the Shefi Sherifs list. To assist you, the total cost of ownership (TCO)  is commuted over five and ten years, rate systems and suppliers based on TCO, and compare offers.

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