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Providing flexible services to support businesses adjusting to the market and overcoming challenges

Shefi Sherif, a well-known business consultant in Kerala, can assist if you’re having trouble with internal procedures or need a new business plan to represent your hopes for the future better.

You may rely on Shefi Sherif, a Kerala-based business expert, to help you adjust to the current state of the market and the challenges you face. Shefi Sherif offers various flexible services to support any transition, from small-scale tweaks to significant systemic changes.

Among the best business consultants in Kerala are seasoned leaders and practitioners who prioritize the needs of their clients above all else, provide exceptional service to their customers, can successfully navigate and manage complex projects, and are comfortable collaborating with colleagues from a wide range of industries and backgrounds.

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Areas of Expertise

Business Process Reengineering in kerala

Process Reengineering​


For extended, fundamental company operations were carried out in their own conventional, mostly forgotten silos. Although there is much promise in sharing data across departments, current operational models fail to realize a coherent digital future. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is a way for companies to look at their most basic processes and find where they are weak, and Shefi Sherif will assist you in strengthening them. Taking a step back can help strategists improve the organization by letting specialists use new technology and intelligent processes.

ERP Consulting


Shefi Sherif is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) consultant. He uses a consultative method to ensure that ERP software is installed on client sites promptly and effectively. Shefi Sherif’s main job is to provide seamless integration and deployment. His job is to ensure that all the elements listed are taken into account during implementation, no matter who is in charge of finding needs and assessing capabilities. During the execution phase, he will need to avoid several possible traps.

Business analytics in kerala

Business Analytics

Data is everywhere, but it’s not in the format you need to make right decisions in your business. Data can be used to answer all sorts of questions, like who, what and where. But real value comes when you can answer those questions in real-time and make adjustments based on that information. Business Analytics is a very helpful tool that enables SMEs to collect, analyse and interpret data. It is important for businesses of any size because it can help you make informed decisions about the present company status and its future goals.

Shefi Sherif provides Business intelligence and analytics services to help organizations manage their data, improve operations, make better decisions and prepare for the future.

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Driving digital transformation for SME’s that is fast, effective and sustained

Business Process Reengineering kerala

Process Reengineering

Modernize the outdated processes of the company by integrating latest technologies to deliver instant output

ERP Consultant Kerala

ERP Solutions

Consultative method to ensure that ERP software is installed on client sites promptly and effectively on time

Business Analytics kerala

Business Analytics

Business Analytics services to help organizations manage their data, make better decisions, and prepare for the future

My Approach in Digital Transformation

evaluate and research icon

Analysis & Research

Understand the exact problem by looking at the things from a different perspective

solution and implementation icon

Solution & Implementation

Right solution is implemented in a step by step approach to achive the goal

Evaluate & Grow

Continuous evaluation is a vital part to ensure sustainable growth of the company

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