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Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), including microbusinesses, startups, entrepreneur-led organizations, and others, will find that their capacity to go digital is the determining factor in their long-term success.

Shefi Sherif is a Digital Transformation Expert in Kochi, Kerala, India who has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years, starting firms in India, the United Arab Emirates, and Tanzania.He intended to use his significant experience as a company entrepreneur to help the state of Kerala’s small and medium-sized businesses. In his current role as a freelance business consultant in Kerala, he helps businesses meet their technology goals. He hopes to aid SMEs in their quest to expand and modernize through digital transformation. As a result of working with Shefi Sherif, leaders’ responsibilities are simplified. Encouraging work for all time frames. Facilitate yourself for less stress and more productivity.

Why is this feasible, exactly? A team whose essential principles, objectives, and goals are all harmonious. Drawing on extensive experience in the field, Shefi Sherif is certain that digital transformation is taking place in businesses of all shapes, sizes, and sectors worldwide. However, small businesses are notoriously behind the digital curve compared to medium and large enterprises. Many digital tools and solutions are prohibitively expensive or tailored to the requirements of enormous corporations. My mission as a business consultant is to alleviate tension and lighten the weight of organizational heads. Establish priorities, assign tasks to team members, or bring in outside help. Establish a framework of regular meetings and reports to guarantee the free flow of information.

Digital Transformation services from Shefi Sherif are available to businesses in various sectors in India and beyond. Founded to provide SMEs across industries with high-quality consulting services, we make the most of any opening to speed up and improve development processes. This is the complete fulfillment of the client’s needs.

The expert Digital Transformation consultant has the experience and drive to take on challenging projects and see them through to successful completion on schedule. Shefi Sherif business consultant provides services to SME businesses in Kerala, India. If you are running a business that you want to boost up to the next level through digital transformation, schedule a free consultation today. 

My Approach as a Digital Transformation Expert

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Analysis & Research

Understand the exact problem by looking at the things from a different perspective

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Solution & Implementation

Right solution is implemented in a step by step approach to achive the goal

Evaluate & Grow

Continuous evaluation is a vital part to ensure sustainable growth of the company

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